The Value of Opinion


Empowered Users

SLANT put’s the users in the driver’s seat. SLANT users have the full control over their data. They decide wether they want to keep them secure and private or make them accessible for third parties and get rewarded by mining tokens.

New Business Opportunities

SLANT rewards publishers, journalists and bloggers for creating content.  Concrete: Publishers earn SLANT tokens for every user interaction on their articles.

Token Mining with choices

Mining SLANT Tokens is as easy as making a choice! The SLANT token is automatically generated in the moment of user interaction and get’s directly distributed to the content producer and the consumer.

Opinion based Services

The future is called opinion based targeting! We offer a range of opinion based targeting services while keeping the users in the driver’s seat!


Opinion must be the most cluttered and broken space in the world. A dubious market of middleman is dealing with user opinion. The experience for the user is broken.


Opinion is text and not data – no structured discussions, no added value through data


Opinion does not neet more of the same, but the opposite. Existing filtering tools don’t work for opinion


Online opinion is lost on social media and thousands of discussion sites



67% of all US Americans consume their news on Social Media. Publishers are even supporting this by outsourcing their comment sections to platforms like Facebook. Internet giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon are making money with the data we are giving them for free. And this though we know that data will be our next oil! Publishers are struggling in finding a business model for their online content and are heavily dependent on advertising.

This needs to change! 

We believe that opinion data will be the most valuable asset in the future. That’s why SLANT is creating a fair, trustful and secure environment for your opinion data.
Our blockchain based ecosystem will give users the full control over their data and rewards content producers for doing what they do best: delivering valuable information to millions of users. 


SLANT is a decentralized market place for opinion with the best experience for the user.


SLANT is aggregating opinion data collected throughout the web


SLANT is treating opinion as data not as text, which enables new services and networks around opinion


Based on Blockchain technology, SLANT is the single trusted source of opinion data

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